and why it is important.

The heart of every event is the emotional experience we get from understanding the vast dimensions of the universe. We offer you talks, lectures and information, presented by astronomers of the Haus der Natur ARGE Astronomy, awe-inspiring gazes trough our telescope at night or at day with our special sun telescope. Our goal is to give people a better understanding about astronomy, the universe and our little planet, to make the world a bit better every day. Neues Wissen und neue Blickwinkel sind jedenfalls garantiert und führen zu unvergesslichen Momenten. New knowledge and perspectives are guaranteed and lead to unforgettable moments.

Lectures & KEYNOTES

Everything there is on earth exists also in the universe since at the end of the day, we are all nothing but stardust. The vast size and content of the universe guarantees to link the dots for every theme of your Meeting & Event. We call these links bridges to the univsers. These bridges can be used to build even a keynote, depending on how far the customer wants to get involved with the content. Astronomers tell you unbelievable facts passionatly while showing fascinating Astro Photos of the universe. Unforgettable moments are guaranteed!

Usage of the telescopes

The heart of the VEGA observatory is the most powerful public telescope in Europe.  Even when with a cloudy sky the telescopes are explained in a tour and the many questions of the visitors answered.

The most importante star for us is the sun, which we can explore more at daytime. Ideal also to show live at meeting and/or use pictures and videos of the sun as content to go along with.